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The Basics
I'm a 37-year-old health expert and entrepreneur. I come from Mexico but live in Canada with my amazing son Octavio.

What I Love

I love cooking for my family, traditional meals and new dishes. I'm also a runner, enjoy gardening and spending time outdoors. Whenever I find my self with my inner batteries low, this are activities support my mental health.

Education/Work History
I am a Certified Health Coach Nutritionist from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition 2023, Certified Sports Nutritionist ISSA 2021, Certified Strength Specialist from ISSA 2021, I have a Health Promotor and Fitness Diploma from Durham College 2020.

I have a Bachelors degree in Sports Science/Sports Training 2009. I had the privilege of becoming an Assistant Coach at the Mexican Olympic Committee and being able to support elite athletes, including Anna Guevara, one of the Mexican Olympic Champions. Later on, I opened my wellness center, Workout for Life, having the opportunity to be part of the transformation of several families, couples, and every person determined to take control of their health through a primary strategy of nutrition, exercise, rest and lifestyle management.


I love to stay up to date, so I also have training and experience working in topics related with Public Health, Health Promotion, Mindfulness, Wellness for Woman living with HIV.  


I am passionate about supporting others to achieve their goals and feeling healthy from the inside and out. I love connecting with people learning their cultures, traditions, and lifestyles.




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